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RIP Little Jimmy Scott
    #3176131 - 14.06.2014 10:21

You never belonged in this heavy earth... Thank you so much for the time you spent with us, reminding us of heaven.
Lamenting for you......

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"RIP Little Jimmy Scott, who exerted a powerful influence over generations of singers who came after him, from Lou Reed, Nancy Wilson and Dinah Washington to Frankie Valli, Marvin Gaye and Madonna, who once said, “Jimmy Scott is the only singer who makes me cry.”

A singer whose eerie, high-pitched voice had a haunting effect on listeners and who had a star-crossed career marked by hard luck, sorrow and decades of neglect before his late-stage revival, died June 12 at his home in Las Vegas.

Entertainers as diverse as Billie Holiday, Liza Minnelli and David Byrne have admired Mr. Scott. Lou Reed invited him on tour, saying Mr. Scott had “the most extraordinary voice I’ve ever heard in my life.” Director David Lynch used him in the final episode of his early 1990s cult TV show “Twin Peaks.” His songs appeared on the soundtracks of “Glengarry Glen Ross,” “Philadelphia” and other movies.

“Why is he not a household word as widely known as the many celebrities who have come under his spell?” jazz critic Will Friedwald wrote in the liner notes to Mr. Scott’s 2000 album “Mood Indigo.” “Yet there’s a deeper question than even that, one which defies any attempt at a reasonable explanation, and it is, how does Jimmy Scott move us so deeply and profoundly?”

“They say I don’t belong in any category, male or female, pop or jazz. But early on, I saw my suffering as my salvation.”

Quincy Jones, in a 1988 interview with the Village Voice, recalled seeing Mr. Scott perform in the 1950s: “He’d just stand there with his shoulders hunched and his eyes closed and his head tilted to one side. He sang like a horn — he sang with the melodic concept of an instrument. It’s a very emotional, soul-penetrating style. He’d put me on my knees, give me goose bumps. Jimmy used to tear my heart out every night.”

Scott was born in 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio, and as a child was diagnosed with Kallmann syndrome, a rare condition that prevented him from experiencing puberty—therefore his voice never changed, giving his singing an almost otherworldly sound. He got his first big break in 1949 when Lionel Hampton hired him and billed him as "Little Jimmy Scott."

After spending long periods away from the microphone, working for a time as a hotel shipping clerk and as a caretaker for his ailing father, Scott returned to the stage in 1985 and began recording again in 1990. His career took off again two years later when Seymour Stein heard him perform at songwriter Doc Pomus's funeral and signed him to the Warner Brothers Sire label.

Mr. Scott spent his final years in Las Vegas and continued to perform, sometimes in a wheelchair, until his mid-80s. Even then, the unmistakable voice was still there, penetrating and clear, sorrowful, serene and filled with pain and grace, all at once.

“All I needed was the courage to be me,” he told his biographer. “That courage took a lifetime to develop.”

The epitome of otherworldliness

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