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1.Operations Management Decision Makin in the Operations Function; Roger G. Schroeder / Third Edition; 794; 1989; 1350g; 245/190/35 mm, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 0-07-055618-0
An ideal text for junior, senior and graduate courses in operations management or industrial engineering, this text takes a decision-making approach to operations management and includes realistic case studies and industry examples throughout. It is one of the best-selling texts in operations management. This third edition is completely up-to-date.
2.Advanced Financial Accounting; Richard E. Baker, Valdean C. Lembke, Thomas E. King; 1190; 1989; 1940g; 242/192/50 mm, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
This successful textbook is highly regarded, especially in programs that want a solid, comprehensive text for students who sit for the CPA exam. The book is loosely organized into five sections which allow for flexibility in sequencing the topics. Many of the topics are illustrated by examples using a continuous case involving a fictitious company called Peerless Products Corporation and its subsidiary, Special Foods, Inc.
3.Check-In Check-Out; Jerome J. Vallen, Gary K. Vallen; 530; 1991; 1080g; 238/192/28 mm Wm.C.Brown Publishers, 0-697-10289-0, 25 lv
Check-in Check-Out remains the leading guide to managing profitable hotel operations. Extensively revised to reflect the industry's rapid change, it presents rich detail about best practices and future directions, while offering the widest coverage of any book in the field. Students gain an intuitive understanding based on the flow of the guest's experience: through reservation, arrival, registration, service purchasing, departure, billing, and recordkeeping. The entire rooms division is covered thoroughly, and linked to other hospitality functions, related industries, and the broader economy. Extensive new coverage includes: increased internationalization; green operations; new financing sources; boutique and urban collections; new reservations strategies; and much more.
4.Modern Retailing Theory and Practice; J.Barry Mayson,Morris L. Mayer, Fifth Edition; BPI&IRWIN; 826; 1990; 1440g; 238/190/36 mm; Theory and Practice; fifth edition, 0-256-07959-5
(липсва в и
amazon 5.Xerox Ventura Publisher Sourcebook; Paul S. Klose, Dean Keith Fueroghne; 650; 1989; 1170g; 235/188/32 mm, 1-55623-215-2, 7,5 lv (липсва в и
6.Foundamentals of Marketing; William J. Stanton, Michael J. Etzel, Bruce J. Walker; 668; 1991; 1600g; 260/210/32 mm McGraw-Hill, Inc., 0-07-060952-7 19 lv.
7.Business Communication Today; Courtland L. Bovee, John V. Thill / Second Edition; 670; 1989; 1460g; 260/208/30 mm, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 0-07-553686-2 29 lv.
8.Slovakia Profile; Adriana Orgonikova; Slovac Information and Marketing Company Ltd., 328; 1995; 1520g; 305/218/25 mm 80-967093-6-4, 5 lv.
9.Food Professional's Guide; Julia Child, Irena Chalmers; 320; 1990; 1350g; 275/218/23 mm, American Showcase, Inc. 0-931144-62-0
This encyclopedia of the American food business provides access to more than 5,000 industry contacts. It has been designed as a sinble source that restaurateurs, chefs, suppliers, manufacturers, writers, and designers in the USA can turn to for their day-to-day operational needs. The book includes information on new suppliers, ways to promote new products, major food companies, cookbook publishers, critics, stylists, research facilities, wineries, microbreweries and more.This is the only directory assembled by and for food professionals, covering virtually the entire food business. Endorsed by the James Beard Foundation, an educational foundation of professional and amateur cooks dedicated to American gastronomy, it includes an exhaustive listing of names and phone numbers previously available only through time-consuming means. Contains information on new suppliers, schools, cookbook publishers, chefs, stylists, designers, consultants, research facilities, conventions, fairs, promotional ideas for new products and more. Essential reading for food professionals, this guide will also appeal to amateur cooking and food enthusiasts who want to be on the cutting edge of culinary art. This ''Who's Who'' and ''What's Where'' is a virtual encyclopedia of the food business.
10.The Legal Environment of Business; Douglas Whitman, John William Gergacz; 708; 1991; 1280g; 242/192/30 mm McGraw-Hill, Inc. 0-07-069989-5 28 lv.
11.Microeconomic and Behavior; Rober H. Frank; 694; 1991; 1250g; 240/192/32 mm, McGraw-Hill Inc., 0-07-021870-6 27 lv.
12.Writing a College Handbook; James A.W.Heffernan, John E.Lincoln / Second Edition; 685; 1986; 1050g; 235/160/36 mm, W.W.Norton & Company, 0-393-95499-4, 19 lv.
13.Sales Force Management; Gilbert A. Churchill, JR., Nelm M.Ford, Orville C. Walker, JR. / Third Edition; 845; 1990; 1250g; 230/185/33 mm, 0-256-09867-0 33 lv.
14.Cases in Management; Kenneth T.Thomson, Nicholas J.Mathys / Third Edition; 352; 1990; 580g; 235/190/18 mm, 0-359-52934-4, 7,5 lv.
15.The International Hospitality Industry - Organizational and Operational Issues; Peter Jones, Abraham Pizam; 240; 1993, 510g; 240/160/18 mm, 0-273-60017-2, 9,5 lv
amazon 16.Press and Public; Leo Bogart / Second Edition; 370; 1989; 850g; 235/155/22 mm, 0-8058-0431-5
17.Basic Personal Counselling; David Geldard; 203; 1989, 250g; 220/155/10 mm, Prentice Hall, 0-72480094-8, 7,5 lv
18.Profiles of over 500 major corporations; Gary Hoover, Alta Campbell, Patrick J.Spain; 650; 1991; 1800g; 278/215/40 mm, 1-878753-00-2, 11 lv.
19.Hoover's Handbook of American Business; Gary Hoover, Alta Campbell, Patrick J.Spain; 630; 1992; 1780g; 280/215/38 mm 1-878753-01-0, The Reference Press, Inc. 9 lv.
20.Fundamentals of Marketing; William J. Stanton, Michael J. Etzel, Bruce J. Walker / Ninth Edition; 179; 1991; 300g; 278/214/10 mm, 0-07-060965-9, 8 lv.
21.Fundamentals of Selling; Charles M.Futrell / Fifth Edition; 560; 1996; 1230g; 260/210/25 mm Irwin&McGraw-Hill, 27 lv, 0-256-13827-3
22.Professional Selling - A Consultative Approach; Karl F. Gretz, Steven R. Drozdeck, Walter J. Wiesenhutter; 469; 1996, 850g, 254/203/17 mm, 0-256-14384-6
23.National Business Employment Weekly - Cover Letters; Taunee Besson, John Wiley & Sons Inc.; 262; 1995, 500g, 233/190/16 mm, 0-471-10672-0
24.Introduction to System Analysis and Design; I.T.Hawryszkiewycz; 373; 1988, 550g; 234/170/17 mm
??? 25.Entrepreneurship; Robert D. Hisrich, Mihael P. Peters / Third Edition; 650; 1995, 1280g, 240/190/33 mm, 0-256-03543-1, BPI&IRWIN, 9,5 lv.
26.Sales Management - Concepts, Practices and Cases; Eugene M.Johnson, David L.Kurtz, Eberhard E.Scheuing; 564; 1994; 1050g; 240/190/27 mm, 0-07-032652-5, McGraw-Hill Inc., 19 lv.
27.Skills for Managerial Success - Theory, Experience and Practice; Laird W.Mealiea, Gary P.Latham; 700; 1996; 1150g; 230/185/31 mm , 0-256-12454-X, 11 lv.
28.The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Cource: Business Presentations; Lani Arredondo; 337; 1994; 750g; 235/155/28 mm, 0-07-002840-0, 11,5 lv
29.Shopping Center Development and Investment; Mary Alice Hines / Second Edition; 420; 1988; 700g; 240/165/22 mm, John Wiley & Sons, 0-471-62427-6, 13 lv.
30.Beyond HTML; Richard Karpinski; Osborne McGraw-Hill; 472; 1996; 700g; 230/186/26 mm, 0-07-882198-3 9,5 lv.
31.Dvorak's Guide to Telecommunications; John C. Dvorak, Nick Anis / Second Edition; 1130; 1992, 1760g; 230/186/45 mm, 0-07-881787-0, 12 lv.
32.Entrepreneurship - Starting, Developing and Managing a New Enterprise; Rober D. Hisrich, Michael P. Peters; 570; 1989; 1170g; 240/190/27 mm, 0256141479, 19 lv
33.Statistics for Management; Richard I.Levin / Fourth Edition; 890; 1987, 1360g; 235/180/35 mm, Prentice-Hall International Editions, 0-13-845207-5, 18 lv.
34.Management; Griffin / Third Edition; 884; 1990, 1850g, 257/207/37 mm, 0-395-43333-9, 19 lv
35.Furniture: Modern + Postmodern, Design + Technology; John Pile / Second Edition; 312; 1990; 1380g; 280/225/25 mm 0-471-85438-7, 11,5 lv

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