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Регистриран: 22.01.2005
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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #610987 - 23.01.2005 10:45 [Re: Diddy]

От няколко места разбрах, че може да имате проблем със сметката в Така, че внимавайте. Иначе като качество са много добри. Вдигаш слушалката и вече говориш, няма заето, няма прекъсване на разговора.

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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #648468 - 16.02.2005 21:18 [Re: Борис]

on-line U.S. CITIZENSHIP EXAM за бъдещите американци

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present"

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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #648490 - 16.02.2005 21:33 [Re: Viva]

Naturalization Self Test!

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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #669012 - 01.03.2005 15:16 [Re: todor6]

Ниски цени за бензин TUK .

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Регистриран: 07.07.2003
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От: Другата България
Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #682953 - 10.03.2005 22:18 [Re: Борис]

От 1 март /за IL/ можете да си поръчате безплатен кредитен рипорт на горните сайтове.

How do I know when I’m eligible to get a free report?

A: Free reports will be phased in during a nine-month period, rolling from the West Coast to the East beginning December 1, 2004. Beginning September 1, 2005, free reports will be accessible to all Americans, regardless of where they live.

Consumers in the Western states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming — can order their free reports beginning December 1, 2004.

Consumers in the Midwestern states — Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin — can order their free reports beginning March 1, 2005.

Consumers in the Southern states — Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas — can order their free reports beginning June 1, 2005.

Consumers in the Eastern states — Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia — the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories can order their free reports beginning September 1, 2005.

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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #701325 - 23.03.2005 05:20 [Re: Glezlichka]

@ Борис - благодаря за хубвата тема

Ето и от мен един линк за всички на които им липсва българският език и новини - Онлайн български радио станции:

Има дори народното събрание в петък на живо (за изливане на нерви)

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Регистриран: 25.05.2004
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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #702556 - 23.03.2005 18:01 [Re: Whoever] ....ima dosta online radia..

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все на път ...

Регистриран: 05.11.2004
Мнения: 198
От: Sofia, Bulgaria
Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #729631 - 11.04.2005 17:40 [Re: mo_1]

За някой може да са интересни следните сайтове, които акцентират на обучението:

Campus Compact. National membership organization of more than 900 college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education.

Campus Computing Project. The project's national studies draw on qualitative and quantitative data to help inform faculty, campus administrators, and others interested in the use of information technology in U.S. colleges and universities. Publishes annual Campus Computing Survey.

Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse. A collaborative effort of the Catholic University of America's Office of General Counsel and the American Council on Education, this extensive resource includes an online newsletter, a listing of legal information, a summary of federal laws governing independent institutions, and other links.

Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. This major initiative of the Carnegie Foundation seeks to foster significant and long-lasting learning, enhance the practice and profession of teaching, and bring recognition and reward to faculty members’ work as teachers.

Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Classification of institutions of higher learning in the United States.

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Independent national and international center for research and policy studies about teaching. With a focus on the scholarship of teaching, the foundation seeks to generate discussion and promulgate sustainable, long-term changes in educational research, policy, and practice.

Catalog of Research on Secondary School Reform. Online catalog available through the National High School Alliance that describes research currently in progress or recently completed but not yet published. This research focuses on questions of implementation, effectiveness, or policy, and it specifically addresses one or more of the key attributes of effective schools as identified by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: common focus, high expectations, personalization, climate of respect and responsibility, time for teacher collaboration, performance-based assessment, and the use of technology.

Center for Education Reform. National nonprofit advocacy group. Issues include standards, accountability, governance, finance, school choice, and charter schools.

Center for Educational Research and Policy Studies (Florida State University). Provides a coordinating function for faculty research and service projects along with major educational initiatives of FSU’s College of Education. Also seeks to extend the services of individual academic departments to a statewide and national audience.

Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis (University of Southern California). Interdisciplinary research unit whose mission is to improve urban higher education, strengthen school-university relationships, and focus on international higher education, emphasizing Latin America and the Pacific Rim.

Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (Universiteit Twente, The Netherlands). Interdisciplinary research institute that seeks to increase understanding of institutional, national, and international issues that bear upon higher education.

Center for International Higher Education (Boston College). Provides information and analysis for those involved in managing the higher education enterprise internationally through publications, conferences, and the maintenance of a database of individuals and institutions.

Center for Law and Social Policy. Education, policy research, and advocacy organization seeking to improve the economic conditions of low-income families and secure access for the poor to the civil justice system.

Center for Postsecondary Research and Planning (University of Indiana). Provides services to federal, state, and institutional policy planners and administrators in both public and private colleges and universities. Activities include consultation, resource management, training and development, and planning and evaluation services.

Center for Research in Educational Policy (University of Memphis). One of five Centers of Excellence funded by the state of Tennessee. Implements a research agenda associated with educational policies and practices in the pre-K–12 public schools and provides a knowledge base for use by educational practitioners and policy makers.

Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (University of California, Santa Cruz). Designed to move issues of risk, diversity, and excellence to the forefront of discussions concerning educational research, policy, and practice.

Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (University of California, Los Angeles). Conducts research on important topics related to K-12 educational testing.

Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk (Johns Hopkins University and Howard University). CRESPAR’s mission is to conduct research, development, evaluation, and dissemination of replicable strategies designed to transform schooling for students who are placed at risk due to inadequate institutional responses to such factors as poverty, ethnic minority status, and non–English-speaking home background.

Center for Social Organization of Schools (Johns Hopkins University). An educational research and development center that conducts programmatic research and development activities to improve the education system, develops curricula, and provides technical assistance to help schools use the center's research.

Center for Studies in Higher Education (University of California, Berkeley). Focuses on strategic issues, conducts policy-relevant research, and promotes the development of a community of scholars and policy makers engaged in policy-oriented discussion. Current projects include higher education in the digital age, the role of the research university in economic growth and development, and challenges to the professoriate.

Center for Technology in Learning. Dedicated to improving learning and teaching through innovation and inquiry in computing and communications. Conducts research in the areas of assessment, evaluation, learning environments, and technology development.

Center for the Study of Education Policy (Illinois State University). Provides information and research on elementary, secondary, and higher education issues to Illinois education policy makers and practitioners.

Center for the Study of Higher Education (Australia). Conducts research and teaching in the field of higher education. Web site includes extensive listing of other higher education pages.

Center for the Study of Higher Education (Pennsylvania State University). Aids in the formulation of higher education policy by providing studies, analyses, and reports relevant to decision making.

Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy (University of Washington). Consortium of five universities created to investigate the relation between excellent teaching and policy making at national, state, and local levels.

Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Educational Policy (Boston College). Conducts research on testing, evaluation, and public policy studies to improve school assessment practices and international comparative research.

Center for Urban Community College Leadership (New York University). Focuses on the urban community college and provides fieldwork and internships.

Center on Education Policy. National advocate for public education and for effective public schools. Works to help Americans better understand the role of public education in a democracy.

Centre for Higher Education Management and Policy (The University of New England, Australia). Pursues research and research training on aspects of higher education and research policy at local institutional, national, and international levels.

Centre for Higher Education Research and Information. Provides research, development, and information services to inform higher education policy and to support the maintenance and improvement of quality in higher education in the United Kingdom and, increasingly, internationally.

Centre for Higher Education Transformation (South Africa). Interdisciplinary research and management center that conducts research and provides leadership opportunities for South African higher education.

Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training (The University of British Columbia, Canada). Conducts policy-oriented research and analysis in the fields of higher education and training. Disseminates current research; facilitates an exchange of ideas; and contributes to debate on higher education in Canada and internationally.

Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies (Portugal). Center for research and publication in higher education, dedicated to promoting informed understanding of the policy issues confronting higher education, both in Portugal and internationally.

CEO Forum on Education & Technology. Organization of business leaders established to help ensure that schools prepare students to be contributing citizens and productive workers in the 21st century. Issued annual assessments of the nation's progress toward integrating technology into American classrooms, as well as interactive tools for assessing teacher preparation programs. The project ended in 2001.

Change. Opinion magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning. Spotlights trends, provides new insights, and analyzes the implications of educational programs. Subscription required.

Chronicle of Higher Education. Main news source for college and university faculty members and administrators. Subscription required; published weekly.

Chronicle of Higher Education Free Resources. Searchable data on institutions, publications, and programs in all segments of education. Available to subscribers and non-subscribers.

Chronicle of Philanthropy. News source for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and other people involved in the philanthropic enterprise. Subscription required.

College & University. American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers' (AACRAO) educational policy and research journal, focusing on emerging concerns, new techniques, and technology in higher education. Complimentary subscription for AACRAO members.

College and University Personnel Association. Network of more than 6,400 human resource administrators at nearly 1,700 colleges and universities worldwide, as well as other groups interested in the advancement of human resources in higher education—including students, human resource service providers, and honorary life members.

College and University Rankings. Comprehensive site on university rankings and controversies.

College Board. The College Board's mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. They are a not-for-profit membership organization committed to excellence and equity in education. Founded in 1900, the association is composed of more than 4,500 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. Each year, the College Board serves over three million students and their parents, 23,000 high schools, and 3,500 colleges through major programs and services in college admissions, guidance, assessment, financial aid, enrollment, and teaching and learning. Among its best-known programs are the SAT®, the PSAT/NMSQT®, and the Advanced Placement Program® (AP®).programs, services, activities, and concerns.

College Board Review. Reports on new and useful ideas in education. Subscription required. Distributed free to members of the College Board.

College Is Possible. American Council on Education's K–16 youth development program that motivates middle and high school students from underserved communities to seek a college education. Provides students and parents with resources on college planning.

College Prep 101. Free course on how to prepare for college, sponsored by Oklahoma State University.

CollegeNet. Online college applications and financial aid search.

Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities. Association representing independent higher education in New York State. Site includes policy and legistlative links of both state and national interest.

Committee for Economic Development. Independent, nonpartisan organization of business and education leaders dedicated to policy research on major economic and social issues and implementation of its recommendations by the public and private sectors.

Committee for Education Funding. Nonpartisan coalition of over 100 education organizations dedicated to achieving adequate federal financial support for schools and students at all levels. Members include associations, institutions, agencies, and organizations whose interests range from preschool to postgraduate education in public and private systems.

Committee on Education and the Workforce (U.S. House of Representatives). Information on current and past legislative activity, committee membership, and structure.

Community College Foundation. Nonprofit foundation committed to excellence in education and the enhancement of communities. Fosters creative relationships between business, education, and government to better the lives and well-being of all citizens.

Community College Research Center (Teachers College, Columbia University). Frames critical questions concerning the fundamental purposes, problems, and performance of community colleges and charts a course of strengthening scholarly research on the future of these important institutions.

Community College Week. Independent source of in-depth information for and about two-year college faculty, administrators, and trustees.

Compact for Learning and Citizenship. Organization of state and district school superintendents working to improve student learning through civic involvement and the use of school volunteers.

Comparative Education Research Center (University of Hong Kong). Conducts and supports comparative research in education. Facilitates, participates in, and initiates a wide range of research projects with comparative perspectives.

Comparative Education Review. Peer-reviewed quarterly journal of University of Chicago. Investigates education throughout the world and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it. Subscription required.

Comprehensive Legislative Update on Education. Daily updates over the Internet concerning state policy issues of concern to K-12 education.

Connection: The Journal of the New England Board of Higher Education. Regional journal on higher education and economic development.

Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration. Membership organization committed to enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation in the North American community by fostering collaboration among higher education institutions in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Consortium for Policy Research in Education. Members (University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Michigan, and University of Wisconsin-Madison) conduct research on education reform, policy, and finance to improve student learning.

Cornell Higher Education Research Institute. CHERI was established in the fall of 1998 to provide a vehicle for interdisciplinary research on higher education. Its affiliated faculty come from five different Cornell colleges and span a wide variety of disciplines.

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. National nonprofit organization that creates and manages effective learning strategies for working adults through partnerships with employers, higher education, government, and labor.

Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Professional organization for advancement professionals at all levels who work in alumni relations, communications, and development. Advances and supports educational institutions by enhancing the effectiveness of the alumni relations, communications, and fund-raising professionals who serve them.

Council for Aid to Education. National organization dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of corporate and other private sector support in improving education at all levels and to helping educational institutions more effectively acquire private support for their programs.

Council for Basic Education. Independent, nonprofit membership organization that promotes a curriculum strong in English, history, geography, government, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, and the arts for K-12 students. Publishes analytical periodicals, and provides programs designed to strengthen curriculum content and teaching excellence.

Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Private, nonprofit national organization that coordinates accreditation activity in the United States.

Council for Opportunity in Education. Nonprofit membership organization dedicated to furthering the expansion of educational opportunities throughout the United States.

Council of Chief State School Officers. Nationwide, nonprofit organization composed of public officials who lead the departments responsible for elementary and secondary education in the states.

Council of Graduate Schools. Organization of institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada, and across the globe engaged in graduate education, research scholarship, and the preparation of candidates for advanced degrees.

Council of Great City Schools. Organization of the nation's largest urban public school systems advocating K-12 education in inner-city schools and governed by superintendents and board of education members from 50 cities across the country.

Council of Higher Education Management Associations. Informal, voluntary assembly of 30 management-oriented higher education associations in the United States and Canada.

Council of Independent Colleges. Represents nearly 500 private colleges and universities. Initiatives include civic engagement projects, faculty roles and rewards, and efforts to reform teacher education accreditation.

Council on Law and Higher Education. Interdisciplinary membership association dedicated to improving the understanding of higher education law and public policy. Site includes links to publications as well as detailed information on such issues as affirmative action and records management.

Currents. Monthly journal of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Subscription required; free for CASE members.

Center for Policy Analysis
American Council on Education
One Dupont Circle NW, Washington, DC 20036
phone: (202) 939-9551

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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #748557 - 24.04.2005 03:38 [Re: aliceak]

Наскоро някой питаше за листовките за шофьорски курс в Чикаго на руски - ето ги .
А TУK и на английски .

Ако искаш да бъдеш чут, първо се научи да слушаш.

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Re: Полезни сайтове и фирми
    #763199 - 04.05.2005 17:12 [Re: Борис]

Потърсих но не я намерих в списъка, затова предлагам и тази агенция за самолетни билети:

Balkan Travel & Tours
325 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
PH: (212) 594-9000
(888) SOFIA 88
FAX: (212) 594-7800

Купувал съм си два пъти билет от тях, последния път беше преди около година и половина. Цените са обявени на сайта им. Билетите пристигнаха бързо по пощата. Доволен съм и ги препоръчвам.

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