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Помощ и тук!
    #237560 - 11.03.2004 00:35

моля ви помогнете ми да реактирм този текст.
The seasons have a positive and negative sides.And I can say that personaly like all of thеse four seasons.When the spring is come in,the hard winter`s going.
Everywhere on the ground is a green , the trees gave warmt in different form.The weather getting worm and of the midle of April to the end of June the temperatures are 18-25 degree.That`s a perfect weather to me!
The summer is a very good season if I spend my vacation on the sea, but unfortunately usually I spend only two weeks there.That are my best two weeks in the year.Every day I jump from a rocks and dive.In the summer when you don`t around of the sea, the heat is very big.This is a bad оn the summer.
After this season comes the Autumn.For me it`s look like a spring.A diference is that a nature not growing-everything`s fall.Everywhere on the ground have a lot of fall lists and everything is beautifull and coloured.My favourite time of Autumn is a Gypsy`s summer because the weather is warm and everything is very motley.
The Winter Also is nice season but only when I`m on the mountain and ride a ski.The best of it is Christmas time,becase everyone has a smiling and feel a party spirits inside.I don`t like something on the winter-it`s very cold in a lot of time and on the streets are dirty.
And I can say on the conclusion that if the man knows how to have a party time,he can to be happy in everytime,every season.
много съм зле а?!

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